The Department of Development and Media Technology, upon its assigned mission of development and use of new technologies and given today's rapid technological changes and with the aim of establishing an agile and modern infrastructure as well as with the strategy of using internal resources, will hold the 13th Media Technology Conference (IICC),Media Convergence & Hybrid Media (policies and practices) on the 17th and 18th of January 2017 at IRIB's international conference hall for IRIB engineers as well as Iranian companies.

In this regards, IICC will hold sessions that shall be attended by national and international experts in the field of media. In addition, an exhibition showcasing new technologies within the media industry as well as the capabilities of domestic companies will be presented.

With the aim of using all of the resources of our country, this department will for the first time request for papers, scientific posters and multimedia content in line with the summit's main topics.

The organizers sincerely hope that this conference will aid in the development and expansion of IRIB's infrastructure and workflows through the use of high-technology and which they hope will lead to the promotion of Iran's national media.

Conference Program