conductor first day

M. J. Heidari Jeshvaghani

M. J. Heidari Jeshvaghani Comparison of bit rate and quality in HDR and SDR Feiz 14-15:30

Vahid Roudsari

Vahid Roudsari Monitoring and Control Process in Energy Management Based on IOT Technology Sheikh bahaei 8:30-10

Mohsen Beladian

Mohsen Beladian Secured Contribution Solutions Sheikh mofid 8:30-10

Saeed Monfared

Saeed Monfared New Automation Solutions of Nezam Company Molana 14-15:30

Carlo Cominassi

Carlo Cominassi Workflow and Multimedia Resource planner Attar 8:30-10

Hasan Afshari

Hasan Afshari Cloud Computing effects in Broadcast Workflow Khaje nasir 14-15:30

Reza Bahrami

Reza Bahrami New Automation Solutions of Tehran Farajeh Molana 14-15:30

Jorg Rockstroh

Jorg Rockstroh Satellite Communication – next steps towards an all-IP world Attar 14-15:30

Shahrokh Amiri

Shahrokh Amiri Intelst EPIC network Attar 14-15:30

Hugo Bastos & Javier Encinas Rius

Hugo Bastos & Javier Encinas Rius Optimize Workflows with a BPM System in TV Automation Attar 8:30-10

Dr. Rahil Mahdian

Dr. Rahil Mahdian Deep Learning Sheikh bahaei 14-15:30

Mohammad Yahya Soltani

Mohammad Yahya Soltani The CDN service in development of the broadcast area Molana 8:30-10

Dr. Ali Mohammadi

Dr. Ali Mohammadi Operating and implementing a successful Secured Operational Center (SOC) Feiz 8:30-10

Dr. Ghandchi

Dr. Ghandchi Green Architecture Principles and Designing a Green Building (case study) Sheikh mofid 14-15:30


Abedini Application of Renewable Energies in IRIB ( New Methods in Light Generating) Sheikh bahaei 8:30-10

Dr. Shah Hoseini

Dr. Shah Hoseini Big Data Sheikh bahaei 14-15:30

Ali Abolfathi

Ali Abolfathi Network infrastructure requirements in the content area Molana 8:30-10

Naser Sharafi

Naser Sharafi The impact of cloud computing on global businesses Molana 8:30-10

Fatholallah poor

Fatholallah poor Outlook towards the Structural Design of IRIB Sheikh mofid 14-15:30

Ali asghar Behnam Nia

Ali asghar Behnam Nia Fractal Organization, an Organization for Tomorrow (Safe and Shock Resistant) Feiz 8:30-10

Joerg-klaus jasper

Joerg-klaus jasper IP Based Media Production - Cloud Production, Remote production Khaje nasir 14-15:30

Bijan Abolhasani

Bijan Abolhasani High Speed Optical Communications Sheikh mofid 8:30-10